Mesonjixx Video set has been featured at Bemis Center of Contemporary Arts in Omaha Nebraska for their Annual Art Auction 2 years in a row! Mesonjixx video set was also featured - for well praised installation - Nebraksa Rising, curated by Alex Priest. 

Saturday, November 21 2015 - Mesonijixx Video @ Bemis Center of Contemporary Arts

Saturday, July 23 2016 - Mesonjixx Video @ Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Friday, October 28 - Mesonjixx (new) video @ Bemis Art Auction - Bemis Center of Contemporary Arts (Omaha, Nebraska)


Looking forward: 

*Mesonjixx is in the process of creating another short video, and writing music that will score said video. 


Artists/Musicians that have been featured with Mesonjixx video set: 

Addie Hotchkiss

Jennifer Harazin 

Andrea Von Kampen 

Myles Jasnowski

Josh Bargar 

Kekeli Dawes


Jacoby Levi Vann 

Leaves Brown 


Jeremy Buethe

Marina Kushner

Gabriella Parsons